Address Research


Address Research

Having a correct and up-to-date address database is the foundation every successful customer relationship management is built on – whether in sales and marketing, customer care or credit and collection management, reliable address data is the lifeblood in every business relationship. Since address data is used in virtually every business process within an organization, it is of crucial importance that this data be accurate, up-to-date and reliable.

Lead Generation, Customer Retention and Re-engagement – Manage Processes Efficiently

An efficient address management supports businesses in staying in touch with customers that have moved houses as well as in generating leads, winning new customers and enhancing the relationship with their existing customers. Having a comprehensive address verification and updating process in place is also of key importance in successfully re-engaging inactive customers since it is impossible to create a meaningful customer dialogue without having valid addresses in the customer database. Having the correct address, it is possible to re-activate lapsed customers even if the last contact was years ago.

Churn Prevention – Proactively Contact and Retain Customers Moving House

The risk of customer churn due to customers relocating is particularly high in the B2C market. A proactive churn management enables businesses to keep their communication strategic in order to retain customers that are moving home.

Optimize Billing and Dunning Process – Increase Collection Rates

Through a proactive address management and by digitizing all address maintenance processes it is possible to reach more customers at the same time and to significantly increase collection rates. This helps to reduce a company’s accounts receivable and improve its cash flow.

Manage Returns Effectively

A proactive address management enables companies to log and process returns more quickly, successfully and cost-effectively. Reliable address data are the cornerstone to the success of the entire process – from avoiding returns in the first place by keeping the address database clean and up to date to classifying returns by return reason and researching the new, valid address.

Complex Processes – But No Integration in SAP

By keeping their address database up to date, organizations can optimize the dialogue with their customers, improve logistics processes and drive their revenue growth. An effective address management system helps avoid sending items or mail to the same recipient multiple times or sending to the incorrect address, thereby cutting costs and reducing the number of returns. Without the support of an intelligent system that is fully integrated in SAP, address research and management as well as master data maintenance place significant administrative strain on a company’s business. The main cost drivers are data maintenance, research and follow-up research activities. Research is usually done using a non-SAP software solution or via the Internet; the results then need to be maintained in SAP either manually or through a third-party interface.


The SOPLEX ARS (Address Research System) solution for SAP has been designed to support users in all the activities within the address research and management process and connects their SAP system directly to the databases of the leading address information providers.


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