Credit Decision

Credit Decision

Informed Credit Decisions

Credit decisions are based on a customer’s credit rating and credit demand. Making a decision on how much credit to give a customer is a key activity within the credit management process. A variety of data is included, such as credit demand, external credit rating, customer’s past payment behavior, open balance, dunning level, payment terms, securities, etc. Credit managers use this information to derive different credit parameters, such as credit limit, an internal credit score and risk category. Based on these parameters, credit managers are in a position to make solid decisions to protect their business against the risk of non-payment. Credit management, however, can only do their job right and help to minimize the risk to the company if it has high-quality data and solid information available to base their decisions on.

Integrate Your Credit Decisions in SAP

Credit management relies on proper system support to make informed decisions on a customer’s creditworthiness. It is only possible to handle the complex credit management processes in a timely manner if they are integrated in SAP. Credit managers have to make decisions quickly while properly assessing the risks arising from a certain business relationship but without hurting the relationship with the customer. System integration means that things get done faster and with less manual effort. When a decision is made quickly, orders can be completed and delivered faster. An efficient credit management that is integrated in SAP not only reduces the risks to your organization but also increases customer satisfaction through quicker delivery.

SOPLEX CM is a solution that SOPLEX has designed with the purpose of organizing and implementing all credit management within an organization. This solution includes best-practice scenarios and pre-configured processes that provide valuable support to credit managers and employees in accounting and meets all the requirements of a modern credit management solution.


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