Credit Securities

Credit Securities

Minimize Credit Risks Through Securities

Securities management is an important credit management tool aimed at minimizing the risk of bad debt. Securities are assets (tangible items and rights) that can protect a creditor against the risk of a debtor defaulting on their payments. Banks and financial institutions usually always ask for securities in their medium- and long-term product portfolio because it is impossible to guarantee a borrower’s ongoing creditworthiness due to unpredictable future economic developments and granting unsecured credit entails unacceptable risks.

Integrate Your Credit Securities in SAP

Managing securities involves a number of complex processes and requires an efficient management of the underlying values. The information on securities needs to be correct and kept up-to-date in the SAP system. Securities managements also needs to integrate seamlessly with the other credit management processes. Since credit securities are part of the information available on your customers, it is important to have a tool that allows you to manage securities in the same system in which you store the data on your customers’ credit rating and your credit decisions. For securities management to be efficient and a fundamental part of your credit management process, it is of key importance to fully integrate it in your SAP system. This will allow you to minimize the risk of default and cut the administrative costs in your credit management. 


SOPLEX has developed an SAP software solution to cover the entire process of managing credit securities completely in your SAP system.


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