Legally Compliant Communication and Digital Delivery

Companies that want to communicate with their customers and business partners quickly and efficiently face a variety of challenges. They need strategies for handling high shipment volumes cost-effectively, making their own IT structures future-safe, and maintaining customer proximity through various communication channels. Dealing with the day’s incoming and outgoing mail is a time-intensive process that ties up valuable resources. It also involves significant materials costs, for example for letterhead stationery, shipping envelopes, and printer cartridges.

Digitalizing Business Communication

Deutsche Post’s E-POSTBRIEF (E-POST for short) solution is a hybrid mail service for exchanging electronic messages online. Its goal with the E-POSTBRIEF is to offer greater authenticity, better data protection, and stronger integrity than conventional unencrypted e-mail can provide.

Unique Identities

Using the E-POSTBRIEF for its electronic communication allows a company to benefit from liability and confidentiality standards. All partners are clearly identified, documents cannot be viewed or modified by unauthorized third parties, and message delivery is reliable and verified.

All Business Partners are Reachable

The E-POSTBRIEF lets businesses switch processes to an electronic workflow and transmit them by both conventional and digital means. If the recipient has no Internet access, is not registered, or does not wish to receive the message electronically, the German postal service will print it, put it in an envelope, and have a letter carrier deliver it.

Cost Savings Through Digitalization

Digitalization increases companies’ process efficiency in sending and receiving mail, which saves them money. Sending mail electronically eliminates the additional complexity of printing it and putting it into envelopes. Scanning in letters received in paper form makes it possible to document their receipt and process them in a uniform way.

E-POSTBRIEF: The Modern Method of Online Communication

Using the Deutsche Post AG’s E-POSTBRIEF saves companies time and handling expenses in their day-to-day business communications. The German postal service delivers business correspondence to their business partners digitally, or physically if the recipient does not have an E-POSTBRIEF address. The postal service handles all related activities, such as printing, enveloping, and stamping, as well as procuring printing and shipping materials. You save on paper, envelopes, toner, and postage. Naturally, the E-POSTBRIEF uses effective security technologies such as firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption. E-POST provides better data security and protection than e-mails, and is continually tested for weak points using security and penetration tests, so you can send all of your correspondence digitally in a legally compliant way.


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