Supplier Qualification


Supplier Qualification

Supplier qualification means identifying and screening potential suppliers by obtaining information on them, for example through a supplier self-assessment questionnaire. Supplier screening is based on legal regulations or other guidelines (e.g. ISO, GMP) and the selection process takes into account several material-group-specific criteria (such as product, market, innovation, price). The supplier qualification process can also include obtaining business information, balance sheets, securities and credit insurance so as to keep the risk of default down to a minimum.

Supplier Qualification in SAP

Procurement teams need to organize and perform a number of activities within the supplier qualification process: They need to obtain and manage business information, balance sheets, securities and credit insurance; conduct buyer surveys; evaluate data on different suppliers; determine supplier key performance indicators; and organize other follow-up processes.


If procurement teams are to handle the supplier rating process efficiently and ensure an adequate level of standardization, they need to rely on the support of a software solution that automates certain tasks and that covers all the activities within the process.


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