Euler Hermes BoniCheck Connect 

Your Direct Link to Business Information Provided by Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes BoniCheck Connect for SAP allows you to handle the entire process of requesting and managing Euler Hermes BoniCheck information directly in your SAP system. You can use the data delivered by Euler Hermes in a wide range of processes across your organization, such as in your credit management process, collections operations and rating of suppliers or competitors.

The Euler Hermes analyses are based on over 40 million data records of national and international companies. Besides Euler Hermes’ own data pool, the data sources include leading business information agencies, credit institutions, collection agencies, industry and country-specific reports and the companies affiliated to the Euler Hermes Group. In addition, information is collected and updated from sales representatives’ reports, regional experts’ research results and entries provided by around 20,000 policy holders of the Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG on the payment behavior of their customers.


The Euler Hermes BoniCheck offers you a refined assessment of your business partners’ bankruptcy risk. BoniCheck provides you with a 10-grade ranking for each customer for whom you request a credit check, ranging from 'AA' (excellent creditworthiness) to 'D' (not creditworthy) and the special grades 'I' and 'NR'. This grading enables you to make a reliable appraisal of the risk that arises from dealing with each of your customers. Each grade represents a statistically modeled probability based on a reliable and factual basis, indicating the risk of a company going into bankruptcy over the next 12 months. For companies rated 'AA', the bankruptcy risk is practically zero, whereas 'D' rated companies have a very high risk of going bankrupt. The monitoring service keeps you up-to-date on how your customer develops over a period of 12 months, notifying you immediately of any solvency-related changes in a customer’s situation.

Euler Hermes BoniCheck Connect allows you to manage the entire information process directly in your SAP system.


Euler Hermes BoniCheck Connect Features

  • Direct connection to the Euler Hermes database from within your SAP system
  • All Euler Hermes products are supported
  • Information reports completely managed in your SAP system
  • Assignment to customers, vendors or business partners in your SAP system
  • Monitoring system
  • History of retrieved business information
  • Worklists for users
  • Comprehensive reporting options

Modern SAP Technology

Modern SAP Technology

  • Own namespace
  • Programming language ABAP/4
  • No modification to your SAP system
  • Implementation through SAP transport system
  • SAP authorization concept
  • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • Multilingual versions

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