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Your Direct Link to Business Information Provided by INFORMA

Informa D&B is part of the CESCE group and supplies commercial, financial and marketing information on companies and entrepreneurs. Founded in 1992, Informa D&B has become the undisputed leader in the sale of business and marketing information on the Spanish market.

In 2006, INFORMA took over Dun & Bradstreet Servicios de Información, forming INFORMA D&B and finishing a process that started off in 2004, when it acquired Dun & Bradstreet’s business in Spain and Portugal. As a result, INFORMA D&B became part of the D&B Worldwide Network, the largest global business information network on the market. You can use the data delivered by INFORMA in a wide range of processes across your organization, such as in your credit management process, collections operations and rating of suppliers or competitors.

INFORMA D&B has the most comprehensive database of Spanish commercial, financial and marketing information, covering:


  • 5.3 million Spanish entrepreneurs
  • More than 3.9 million companies with online ratings
  • More than 8 million balance sheets
  • Over 11.4 million executives and directors
  • More than 1.9 million companies with business links
  • More than 150,000 data records updated on a daily basis


INFORMA D&B’s national business information database receives more inquiries than any other in Spain, with:


  • More than 130,000 customers and 3 million users
  • More than 7.5 million visits per month for the website
  • More than 95 % of financial institutions and more than 85 % of companies in the Ibex 35 trust INFORMA D&B


Quick handling and process integration are of key importance. However, this is what reality looks like in most organizations:


  • Information has to be requested over the Internet or telephone
  • The entire process is handled manually (entry of inquiry data, etc.)
  • Multiple inquiries because information is not centrally available
  • Retrieved information is not assigned to the SAP customer record
  • In most of the cases, information reports are only available as a hard copy
  • etc.

Requirements of an Integrated Business Information Management Tool with INFORMA D&B and SAP

The entire information process should be managed directly in your SAP system:


  • Send your requests and inquiries to INFORMA D&B
  • Select the desired information product
  • Retrieve information
  • Manage information
  • Automatic retrieval of research results
  • Monitoring service
  • History of retrieved information
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Customer transparency at all organizational levels – all departments, such as Sales, Accounting, etc., need to have access to the information at any time in order to optimize processes and avoid risks

The Solution: INFORMA Connect for SAP

INFORMA Connect for SAP supports you every step of the way during the entire external information management process, from the retrieval of information into your system to the automatic management of the data provided by INFORMA within your SAP system.




Informa Connect Features

  • Direct connection to the Informa database from within your SAP system
  • All Informa products are supported
  • Information reports completely managed in your SAP system
  • Assignment to customers, vendors or business partners in your SAP system
  • Monitoring system
  • History of retrieved business information
  • Worklists for users
  • Comprehensive reporting options

Modern SAP Technology

Modern SAP Technology

  • Own namespace
  • Programming language ABAP/4
  • No modification to your SAP system
  • Implementation through SAP transport system
  • SAP authorization concept
  • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • Multilingual versions

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