SOPLEX RCS (Risk and Compliance System) – Compliance mit SAP

SOPLEX RCS (Risk and Compliance System)

Your Solution for an Efficient Regulatory Compliance Management System

SOPLEX has developed an SAP software solution that allows you to manage all regulatory compliance management processes completely in SAP. This solution provides concrete support for organizations in managing and meeting their regulatory compliance requirements with regards to checking their customers, suppliers and other business partners – audit-proof and completely integrated in their SAP systems.


Our solution provides comprehensive support for regulatory compliance processes in SAP:


  • Automatically creates a virtual compliance file
  • Monitor your customers and suppliers on an ongoing and automatic basis
  • Retrieve credit ratings and business information online
  • Get sanctions lists online
  • Request and manage approvals
  • Determination of a compliance score
  • Manage calls and communication
  • Easy creation of letters and other correspondence
  • Delegate tasks
  • Manage deadlines, events and other follow-ups
  • etc.


This software solution is flexible and scalable and able to reflect any organizational unit with its different document types, relevant laws and regulations, processes and workflows – and can thus be used in virtually any industry sector. SOPLEX RCS can also be used as an internal control system that monitors regulatory compliance in your organization as well as identifies and reports any non-compliance with applicable regulations.



SOPLEX RCS for SAP Features

SOPLEX RCS for SAP Features

    • Virtual Compliance File in SAP
    • Scorecard
    • Manage business partners
    • Direct connection to credit agencies and business information providers
    • Direct connection to providers of sanctions lists
    • Business partner screening
    • Manage approvals
    • WORD correspondence templates
    • Business partner monitoring
    • Worklists for users
    • Process automation through workflows
    • Info system: reports by the click of a button

    Moderne SAP-Technologie – Compliance mit SAP

    SOPLEX RCS is an add-on solution for SAP


    • Own namespace
    • Programming language ABAP/4
    • No modification to your SAP system
    • Implementation through SAP transport system
    • Multilingual versions
    • No additional hardware required
    • No third-party software required
    • SAP authorization concept
    • Easy to implement

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