SOPLEX CL - Collector Link

SOPLEX CL (Collector Link)

Your Solution for Effective External Accounts Receivable Collection

This SAP solution allows you to organize and manage the entire external debt collection process in your SAP system: 


  • Flexible choice of collectors
  • Integration of different collection agencies and law firms
  • The entire process is managed within your SAP system
  • Automatic file transfer to the collector(s)
  • Real-time status overview
  • Integration in the SAP customer master record and customer line item list
  • Integration of the SAP e-mail functions
  • Integrated e-mail functions
  • Interfaces to other systems, such as SAP BW, Dispute Management, etc., can be implemented 


SOPLEX CL is the SAP solution for integrating different collection agencies and law firms of your choice in your accounts receivable collection process. Thanks to its full integration in SAP, this solution helps to ease the administrative burden on your business and and to save unnecessary costs.


  • Flexible choice of collector(s)
  • Full process transparency in SAP
  • Streamlines administrative processes
  • Reduced effort for routine activities
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Higher efficiency in collecting on your receivables



SOPLEX CL Features

SOPLEX CL Features

  • Virtual collection file in SAP
  • Streamlines administrative processes
  • Individual files can be created manually
  • Functionality for mass creation of files from FI-AR
  • Overdue accounts are identified automatically from the open items and transferred to the collector
  • You will be notified of the payments made by your customers even when accounts have been placed with the collector
  • Payments received from the collector are posted automatically and open items are cleared
  • Follow-up processes are triggered automatically (e.g. blocking customers or orders)
  • Track and monitor deadlines, events and follow-ups
  • Automatic task management
  • Monitor the status of accounts placed with the collector
  • Automatic alert system
  • WORD correspondence templates
  • Worklists for users
  • Workflow for automatic processes
  • Info system: reports by the click of a button

Modern SAP-Technology

Modern SAP Technology

  • Own namespace
  • Programming language ABAP/4
  • No modification to your SAP system
  • Implementation through SAP transport system
  • SAP authorization concept
  • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • Multilingual versions
  • No additional hardware required
  • No third-party software required

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