WPMflex - Work Package Management

WPMflex (Work Package Management)

Your Solution for Efficient Task Management

A project’s success greatly depends on the management of activities and required resources. In order to improve organization, projects are often divided into work packages that reflect dependencies and responsibilities. A work package consists of a task or activity that an employee performs within a project or sub-project. Work packages are the smallest element in the SAP-supported project organization. Having these packages assigned makes the teams and project participants well aware of their respective tasks. These work packages may also be added into the SAP project system.

The Solution

WPMflex is a modern and powerful tool that we have designed for managing projects in SAP. The management of projects, such as IT projects, is based on a project structure plan. WPMflex allows its users to enter and manage all cost-relevant activities that are performed by one or more project participants for a project or WBS element and that are necessary for achieving the project objectives and success. It is also possible to allocate the time spent on performing any project-related activities to the respective work packages.

WPMflex allows for an easy and transparent management of tasks and activities in SAP, enabling teams and individual project participants to be always up-to-date on who needs to do what. WPMflex is integrated in the SAP Project Management. Users can record the required time of completion for a task as well as their progress in implementing a certain task in the work package. The actual hours spent on performing a specific task are automatically pulled into the work package (for instance when SOPLEX PTMflex is also in use).




WPMflex Features

WPMflex Features

  • Virtual file in SAP
  • Powerful linkage function
  • Flexible mapping of operations and business processes
  • Tasks, deadlines, reminders
  • Worklists
  • Workflow engine for process automation
  • Integration of Microsoft (Outlook, Word, etc.)
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration in the SAP project management

Modern SAP-Technology

WPMflex: Add in-SAP-Software

  • Own namespace
  • Programming language ABAP/4
  • No modification to your SAP system
  • Implementation through SAP transport system
  • SAP authorization concept
  • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • Multilingual versions
  • No additional hardware required
  • No third-party software required

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