SOPLEX has developed an SAP software solution that enables users to send documents as an E-POST letter through Deutsche Post directly from within their SAP systems. This solution transfers the data to the Deutsche Post data center, which then sends the document on to the final recipient either electronically or as a printed letter. The SOPLEX E-POST solution supports users every step of the way:

  • Any correspondence can be sent as an E-POST letter directly from within SAP
  • Automatically checks whether recipient has an electronic E-POST mailbox
  • Delivery is automatic  either electronically or as a letter
  • Correspondence is stored in SAP


E-POST DRIVE is highly accepted by users across the board and significantly eases employee workload in processes that require the exchange of a great deal of correspondence.




  • E-POST DRIVE has been developed as an add-on solution for SAP
  • Documents can be sent as E-POST letters through Deutsche Post directly from within SAP
  • Delivery either electronically (preferred) or as a letter
  • This add-on solution supports users in all the process-related activities in their SAP system

    [Translate to EN:] Moderne SAP-Technologie

    Modern SAP Technology 

    • Own namespace
    • Programming language ABAP/4
    • No modification to your SAP system
    • Implementation through SAP transport system
    • SAP authorization concept
    • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
    • Multilingual versions
    • No additional hardware required
    • No third-party software required

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