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SAP Anywhere – Powered by SOPLEX

In today’s economy no business can do without smartphones and tablets – there is no doubt about that. Our modern and lean Business Apps allow you to have access to your SAP-integrated SOPLEX solutions anywhere, anytime. This enables managers, executives, sales and service employees to be kept in the loop about business transactions and processes and gives them access to the information they need when they need it. Our mobile solutions also allow your employees to manage contacts and complete tasks while on the go.

Maximum Flexibility in Your Business Processes

Our SOPLEX Business Apps provide access to your business and transaction data in SAP. Since the classical SAP interface is not suited for mobile use, it used to be very difficult, if not impossible, to have important information accessible on the road.
Our SOPLEX apps create completely new opportunities for organizations to drive and control their business processes from practically anywhere. This allows them to optimize and adapt their processes to the needs of their on-the-go sales staff, consultants and service employees. Having needed information available anywhere and anytime will help companies to optimize their work processes and drive efficiency. Our Business Apps present business data in a way that is appealing to the eye and mind and provide invaluable support for on-site meetings with clients.

Dynamic Applications Based on the Latest Technology

Our mobile SOPLEX applications are based on HTML5 and are compatible with most devices. They are developed in responsive design, which means that the apps automatically adapt to the user interface of the device they are running on. Our Business Apps support classic SAP technology as well as the database appliance SAP HANA. The applications seamlessly integrate with SAP’s Fiori products – you’ll find your SOPLEX Apps on the Fiori interface next to your invoices, travel expenses, sales orders, order tracking, and other business processes. However, you do not need to have SAP Fiori in order to use our mobile applications.
Our SOPLEX Integration Engine is the interface between SAP and HTML5 that uses a secure online connection to transfer the master and transaction data processed in a SOPLEX solution from your SAP system to the SOPLEX app you are using on your mobile device. Our Business Apps use and integrate with the SAP roles and authorization concepts and ensure that each employee has access to exactly the information they need.
Thanks to our SOPLEX Business Apps you get the best of both worlds – SAP and the web – reliable availability of data and solid support of business processes on an intuitive and user-friendly interface.



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