SOPLEX WF – Workflow

SOPLEX WF (Workflow)

A Process Automation Solution to Support Your Daily Business

SOPLEX WF combines traditional SAP standard modules, such as FI, SD, etc., and the SOPLEX expert solutions with your custom requirements, thus ensuring a seamless and consistent handling of your business processes.

You can use the SOPLEX Workflow Engine even if you are not using the SAP Business Workflow. SOPLEX WF generates SAP worklists and reminder e-mails, e.g. for Microsoft Outlook, especially for those users that do not have access to SAP.


This SAP solution automatically creates tasks, events and reminders for users. The rules and activities can be defined flexibly based on the specific requirements of your departments. 

As a result, users get a prioritized worklist, or to-do list, which eases their workload and ensures that nothing falls "through the cracks".

These are some typical examples in the Finance area:


  • Creation of dispute cases for customer deductions
  • Monitoring of promised payments
  • Reminders for customer calls
  • Definition of tasks for colleagues in other departments that are involved in a business process (e.g. Sales, Legal department, etc.)


SOPLEX WF is the SAP solution that will enable you to be more efficient in handling your business processes.


  • Redefine, document and improve your operations
  • Streamline, standardize and simplify routine activities
  • Easily and efficiently trigger follow-up processes (e.g. blocking of customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Cut costs and sharpen your competitive edge



SOPLEX WF Features

SOPLEX WF Features

  • Fully customizable set of rules
  • Uses all your internal data (business partners, balance of open items, etc.)
  • Uses all available external data stored in SAP (business information, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of tasks, events, reminders
  • Status management for specific actions
  • Monitoring of open to-dos
  • Worklists for users
  • Workflow for automatic processes
  • Info system: reports by the click of a button

Modern SAP-Technology

SOPLEX WF: Add in-SAP-Software

  • Own namespace
  • Programming language ABAP/4
  • No modification to your SAP system
  • Implementation through SAP transport system
  • SAP authorization concept
  • Own IMG (Implementation Guide)
  • Multilingual versions
  • No additional hardware required
  • No third-party software required

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